Something is Happening to the Saigon Weather

Saigon weather is wetter than normal
I thought we'd seen the end of this for a while

Well, something is happening to the Saigon Weather. Whether the weather is affected by global warming as the experts say or by “fake news” as Donald Trump says, is anyone’s guess. But I think I know where my thoughts take me. What is the word of thousands of experts when you have 26.5 @realDonaldTrump followers to advise you. There is no doubt about it, it IS different this year. I have lived in Southeast Asia for the best part of a decade and Vietnam for 4 years. I have never really experienced a wet season that has lasted as long or been as well, wet.

Saigon's notorious wet weather is dragging on this year
Saigon’s notorious wet weather is dragging on this year

Saigon Weather: This is quite wet for a dry season

Here we are almost at the end of March and the Saigon weather is still wet, in fact, it doesn’t really feel as though the wet season has truly ended. Even on drug days, for the most part, it has been cloudy; those beautiful bright blue skies have not been the norm, yet! Today’s rain storm was not of the biblical proportions that we get in the height of the wet season, but it was pretty heavy. There was thunder and lightning and floods, very strange. Wet weather is one of the very few things that I dislike about Vietnam. I’m a Manchester boy! I have had enough rain to last me a lifetime.

Hanoi has rain forecast, every day, for the upcoming week. This is a month that is normally excellent, with dry sunny days accompanying the bright blue skies. When I was researching for the Weather Map on this website, I studied loads of data from different sites. They all had March as being dry, hot and sunny. It looks like I will be having to do some work on the map for next season.

Saigon's Floods can be of epic proportions. But March is normally bone dry
Saigon’s Floods can be of epic proportions. But March is normally bone dry

I suppose as a Brit I will face the usual accusations of being obsessed with the weather, but the fact is for the tourism industry it is of paramount importance. The dry season hasn’t started yet and the wet season is just two months away.I long for those beautiful hot dry days. When I first arrived here in 2013 we had about 5 solid months of fabulous weather. This year we might have to settle for just two before the Saigon weather turns fully wet again.