THAI NEWS: PM issues warning on Songkran dress code


BANGKOK:– Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has warned Thai women and ladyboys about provocative behaviour at the upcoming Songkran festival cautioning about allowing too many “Western cultural values” to become part of the traditional celebration.

PM Prayut was giving an address Tuesday after a meeting of high ranking government officials. He reiterated about action to combat the death toll on the roads calling for people to not drink and drive and asking for the support of the public and officials in ensuring a safe and happy festival.

He warned that like at New Year drunks would have their vehicles confiscated. But it was his comments about some of the antics of his countrymen and women that drew a stern warning from Prayut: Possibly referring to the new bonds with neighbouring countries in the NEC he said: “I want this to be a fun and historical moment for this is an international Songkran that we can celebrate with our neighbours like Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. We can share our various cultures. But don’t let the Western culture come in too much. First and foremost women and “type two women” (ladyboys) who dress inappropriately or dance provocatively on the back of trucks will be arrested immediately.