Nightlife in Thailand took a hit in an announcement made today, the Thai government have announced strict limitations to drinking venues, which would have enormous implications if seen through by the police. Once again they look to have not given enough thought, before shooting from the hip.

In a move designed, they say, to cut down on drinking amongst young people, especially students, they have banned the selling of all alcohol close to any educational establishment. This ban would stop venues from selling alcohol in Siam Paragon, Sukhumvit bars and even Soi Cowboy. The way it has been drafted the ban is for all alcohol sales in shopping malls, restaurants, pubs and just about everything else within 300 meters of schools. The only exemptions are for registered hotels and government-designated entertainment zones such as Patpong, Royal City Avenue, for example. Nightlife in Thailand might change irrevocably.

Bangkok’s famous Soi Cowboy: Could it really be prevented from serving booze?
Bangkok’s famous Soi Cowboy: Could it really be prevented from serving booze?

The Junta is claiming that the ban is to protect children, but it cannot go unnoticed that the usual suspects when it comes to pushing through anti-alcohol laws, are again involved here. From the other side, Thanakorn Kuptajit, president of the Thai Alcoholic Beverage Business Association said, ““Imagine foreigners go into expensive restaurants but cannot order wine. Places like Hard Rock cafe in Siam or even Soi Cowboy will be affected.”In fact anyone who enjoys Nightlife in Thailand will be affected.

Surely if the police were doing their jobs and preventing young people from entering drinking establishments this could all be avoided. Once again good establishment trying to make an honest living are being threatened whilst some of the serious offenders (we know who they are) remain free to carry on with importunity. This will probably all be settled by yet another kite in tea money.

To read the ruling in full click here

  • Sibley1

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous

  • Keith Hancock

    It’s more the message that this nonsense sends out, than actually thinking it will happen. Damaging for tourism, again.