Thai House Resort

Thai House Resort

Thai House Resort is the brainchild and labour of love of Thai national Chorthip Noochua (Icesy) and her Australian partner Rob. They bought the land a couple of years ago and set about drawing up plans to turn it into a family friendly peaceful retreat just outside the main hustle and bustle of Hua Hin. What they have succeeded in building in such a short time is quite remarkable. 

I went along with talented photographer Robert Fretwell, who took all the photographs.

Thai House Resort is best described as a complete getaway from the stresses of modern life. They do have Wi-fi (better than almost anywhere else I went in Hua Hin), but here it is seen as an add-on; something that you might need or you might not. The emphasis is on peace, tranquility and creating a restful ambience. It is impossible not to relax here. 

First Impressions:

They say that you can never get a second chance to make a first impression and  first impressions upon arriving at Thai House Resort are 100% positive. The attention to detail becomes immediately obvious. From the overall look of the place to the gardeners constantly preening the flora. Everything is built of wood and the whole rustic appeal goes way beyond charming. I loved the fact that every chair has soft felt feet so there is no constant noise of dragging chairs nor indeed scratches on any surface. I arrived and checked in and within five minutes a welcoming bowl of fresh, sliced fruit arrived at my door.


Thai House Resort is situated about 3km south of Hua Hin main town, about 2 km in from the beach nestled in a gentle sweeping valley surrounded by mountains and hills. If one was looking for the perfect place to build a resort in this neck of the woods, you simply couldn’t find better. During my visit a gentle breeze swept invitingly through the resort every few moments.

Thai House Resort

Thai House is a custom built family business that employs local people in the build and maintenance. It consists of 9 bungalows and a main dining area. At its heart is an inviting swimming pool and loungers surrounded by beautiful gardens. The gentle tinkling of a wind chime is the only sound that breaks the tranquil, all but silent ambience. The air is a refreshing clean mix of Gardenias and Leelawadee (Frangipani) aromas. An inquisitive mynah bird wanders past as I write. This genuinely is one of the most lovely spots I’ve found in a long time.  

Thai House resort.
Lush greenery and wooden lodges, perfect. Photo Robert Fretwell

The Accommodation

The bungalows at Thai House Resort are absolutely a treat. With a porch running on two sides, they offer a wonderfully relaxing environment. Large beds, full size refrigerators, TVs, gorgeous large windows and beautifully appointed and decorated bathrooms, these are a step up from what many people would expect from this kind of resort. Again that attention to detail leaps out, the bathrooms have non-slip tiles, (featuring those frangipani) something that I miss most of the time in Vietnam. This is the most relaxed I have felt for a very long time. 

The whole area is idyllic by night. Photo Robert Fretwell


Apart from the pool, the wonderful bungalows and gardens, breakfast is served in the main building each morning. Bicycles and motorbikes are available for hire, enabling guests to explore the locale. It is but a short ride to the nearest beach. 

The pool area by night. Photo Robert Fretwell

The business is new and they are going about things in the right way. They have got everything just about perfect, before getting too adventurous. There are plans to open a full-on restaurant in the future, but the owners rightly felt it more important to get everything else right first. As I mentioned earlier though, it is the attention to detail that impressive. Sheltered car parking is separated from the main part of the resort by a beautifully manicured bamboo hedge.


I really loved this resort, it has all the modern trappings that make life comfortable, but remains a family business at heart. It has none of the pretentiousness that sometimes resorts seem unable to avoid. The gardens are perfectly manicured and the rooms are really lovely.  Staff are attentive, professionals who go about their business, quietly. All that being said, one does not feel as though one has to walk on broken glass. 

Thai House Resort is picking up a strong European clientele, with Asian people making up a good percentage as well. 

Reviews on are averaging a score of 9.3

2 person 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom bungalow rental per night THB1500 per night including  Breakfast

4 person 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom bungalow rental per night THB2900 per night including  Breakfast

Thai House Resort offers several options of transport. The resort will collect guests  from Suvarnabhumi airport (THB2500). If they choose to catch the Airport bus to Hua Hin they can either be collected there, or the hotel will help with taxis. Alternatively trains to Hua Hin are about every hour from Bangkok. There is a daily ferry from Pattaya arriving at 11:00 am each day, just 8km from the resort. The resort will also pick up guests from here. Local transport for guests is also excellent. Free bicycle hire or motor scooters for just THB200 per day.