VTC10’s Interesting Asia featuring Inseasia

VTC10's Interesting Asia Featuring Inseasia.com
Keith was interviewed in various locations. Here in the garden at the White House

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I was recently featured on Vietnamese TV when the VTC10 programme Interesting Vietnam, made me and the website the subjects of one of their programmes. It was interesting and flattering to be chosen as an expat who’s simply writing about my life here in Southeast Asia. When I arrived on the continent in 2005 for a 5-day visit, I had no idea of the journey and adventures that were waiting for me. I love the region and I love Vietnam. I came to Ho Chi Minh City four years ago on a two month writing gig. I simply never left. It speaks volumes of my love of the country and its people. I loved living in Thailand and Cambodia before here, yet it is here that I have made my home, and a new life.

The website is a labour of love and I have written it for three years for no payment. It is now time to turn it into a full-time business and I hope that doing so will enable me to travel around Southeast Asia more, writing and filming as I go. Sometimes we are forced to do things just for money, but this has never sat well with me. Needs must when the devil drives, but as soon as he’s distracted I jump off that vehicle and on to one where I can work with people that I actually like. I have been full time on the site for just 1 month and I am loving it. The clients with whom I work are friends and people that I truly respect. I wouldn’t work with them if I didn’t feel that way.

I hope you enjoy Interesting Asia featuring Inseasia, it was great fun to make and involved two long days filming in Districts 1, 2 and four. Some dear friends and colleagues were involved and I thank them for their continued support and expertise. The TV Cres were excellent, extremely professional and very easy to work alongside. To those of my clients who are included in the programme, thank you for your friendship and your continued support. Winking Seal Beer Company, Shutta, and The White House are all super companies and fantastic people with whom it is a pleasure to be associated. Check out their businesses from the links provided.

Finally, I’d like to thank Cat and her team at VTC10 for making Interesting Asia featuring Inseasia, plus my team of Jake, Phan and Martin for their great work. Hope you all enjoy the show.