INDONESIA NEWS: US deputy secretary of State ate multi faith meeting

A Passover seder held in Indonesia on April 22 2016. (Screen capture Channel 10)

Fifty Indonesian Jews gathered for a Passover seder in Jakarta on Friday night, with a guest list that included US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken and several local Muslim clerics. “Men and women of different faiths have gathered to celebrate an ancient Jewish tradition here in a Muslim-majority country. It is a very powerful thing,” said guest of honor Blinken, who is Jewish.

Suhai Suat, a Muslim cleric who attended the seder, told Israel’s Channel 10 news that all world religions aspire to live in peace, and “therefore, we must not constitute a threat to our fellow men.” Johannes Sengi, one of the Indonesian Jews who attended, said the community “wants to live as equals. It is our identity; we need our faith because it is a basic human right.”

The festive Jewish ceremony took on special significance in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, just three years after radical Islamists pressured authorities to shut down the only synagogue in the Indonesian capital. Members of the country’s tiny Jewish community, which numbers only about 200 people, have kept a low profile following the closure of the Ohel Yaakov synagogue and a series of anti-Semitic attacks.

Indonesian Jews are mostly descendants of Iraqi and Dutch Jews who immigrated in the 1920s, according to the (Hebrew) news report. Since Judaism is not recognized as one of the country’s official faiths, the identity cards of most of the country’s Jews identify them as Christians. An Indonesian Jewish woman, who was not named in the TV report, said Indonesian people’s perceived hatred of Israel and Judaism stems from ignorance.