Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California Photo: REUTERS
Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California

Tech giant Google, which has often been rated as one of the most desirable employers in the world, is on a hiring spree in Singapore. It wants to set up its first large team of software engineers here to support its goal of reaching the next billion Internet users. There were an estimated 3.2 billion Internet users worldwide as of last year.

The planned Singapore engineering hub will be the latest addition to Google’s three engineering hubs in Hyderabad in India, Sydney in Australia, and Mountain View in the United States. “We are establishing a large engineering presence in Singapore,” said Google on the recruitment page of its website. “With its central location in Asia, diverse demographic and a strong pool of technical talent, Singapore is well suited to be a key engineering hub,” it said in the Jan 26 post.

It is not known how many software engineers will be hired.