A British man has gone missing in Thailand just days before he was due to come home for Christmas, and his family now fears for his safety.

Jordan Jacobs, 21, from Lyneham, Wiltshire, was last seen on one of the Phi Phi Islands after accepting a free ride with a local man from mainland Thailand.

The next day, Jordan sent a worrying message to his mother, saying he would never see them again and that he was sorry he could not not have said goodbye to them.

Concerned for his welfare, the family urged him to get in touch, and a few hours later, Jordan called his mother telling her the Thai man would not let him leave.

‘Saturday morning my mum received a message via Facebook from my brother which basically said he can never see us again, that he is sorry he can’t see us one last time, that he loved us etc,’ Jordan’s sister Emily tells MailOnline.

Jordan’s mother Debbie asked her son to call, and in response he sent a number for her to ring.

‘He was upset and said that the man wouldn’t let him leave. That he was scared of him,’ Ms Jordan adds.

The number Jordan had called from belonged to a Cypriot tourist who later told the family the 21-year-old had approached him asking for help and to borrow his phone at a restaurant on Ko Phi Phi Don.

Jordan had reportedly walked up to the Cypriot tourist wearing no shoes and without his bag, a statement supported by the owner of the restaurant.

Jordan has been travelling in Australia and south-east Asia since November 2014 and was due to return home to his family for Christmas on Thursday, on a flight leaving Bangkok Wednesday.

Before his phone call from Koh Phi Phi Don on Saturday, he was last seen on the mainland in the Krabi district in the company of a Thai man in his late 20s on Friday.