The Brand New iPhone 6


The new iPhone 6 launches today and already the web is alive with claims and counter claims as to what it will look and feel like. It is clear that Apple have gone for a larger screen, probably offering two choices, a 4.7 ins and a 5.5ins.

Whether or not they have managed to get the liquid metal body or the sapphire screen involved or not remains to be seen.One imp[ressive claim is that the new phone is the thinnest smartphone ever produced at just 5.5mm. This would make it a lot less bulky in your pocket, that’s for sure.

Chinese speakers may have a better idea than the rest of us after this leaked video of a Chinese tester appeared this morning. In the 7 minute video the man demonstrates some of the features and shows what appears to be a radically changed iPhone.

A tester in China gives a sneak preview

Apple have a bit of catching up to do as Sony have a water resistant screen, claimed to be on the new Apple product and Samsung have larger clearer displays, now claimed to be on the 6.

One thing is for sure, Apple fans everywhere will be queuing up to get their hands on the latest model of the top selling phone. Whether you are an apple fan or an android user, smart phones are definitely getting to the optimum size for achieving that balance between usability and portability.

Watch this space.