One of my favourite Ice bucket challenges so far. James Quantrill a teacher at Saigon Star International School in District 2, on the beach at Ho Tram, with work colleagues. This water was absolutely freezing. The ice had been cooling beers for about 4 hours. It is a very short clip but the moment of realisation on his face is brilliant.

James Quinlan Ice Bucket Challenge

This campaign is really gathering pace and people are really trying to find interesting and different ways to do it. Great fun and all for a great cause.

ALS, known in the Uk as Motor Neurone Disease is a terrible illness. Sadly the pharmaceutical companies around the world don’t see it as profitable enough and will therefore not commit resources to fight it. Individuals around the planet are putting their hard earned cash on the line. It would be nice to see a few CEOs of these companies commit to a few million here and there. Never an ice bucket challenge for these people, lets see a commitment to find a cure.