A child is born

Chinese Housing

My God, you just couldn’t make this one up, not matter what substances you were abusing. A mother in China is about to give girth so she decides to deliver the child by squatting over a squat toilet in the block of flats where she lives in Zhejiang. The baby is born and immediately slips down the toilet drain. The mother claims that she then panicked and tried to retrieve the unfortunate mite with a broom handle. Unfortunately the broom didn’t do the trick and the baby went down the pipe.

Residents heard the baby crying and telephoned the authorities. Fire fighters rushed to the building and removed a section of the pipe. The baby, now known as baby 59, was miraculously still alive and was taken to hospital, where doctors managed to save him. Even more miraculous, was the fact that he had a minor fracture to his skull and little all else by way of injury.

Babies are frequently abandoned in China, sometimes the mothers are young, scared and not even aware they are pregnant. Sometimes acute poverty is the reason. What ever the reasons, this is not a good situation. In this case the mother came forward, only after the case brought enormous media attention on national Chinese TV. She has told police that the baby slipped down the pipe by accident and she tried to recover him, but when she failed, she got scared.

Apparently the twenty-two year old mother had been concealing the pregnancy from her father as she got pregnant during a one night stand at a night club. She couldn’t afford to have an abortion. As the story broke the child’s father came forward saying that he wants to keep the baby.

The police have accepted the young woman’s story. The baby is currently with social services who are looking after him while authorities decide what to do. The mum says she wants him, the dad says she wants him and Adrian Mutu says he wants him. So… errr what?….Adrian Mutu?

Yes you read that correctly. Adrian Mutu, former Chelsea footballer and glass topped coffee table hooverer, has claimed that as soon as he saw the piece on Romanian television he knew that God had sent him as message and he must adopt the baby. Mutu currently plays for AC Ajaccio in Corsica. That’s Corsica.

Mutu appeared on Romanian television and explained that he just felt that he couldn’t eat his breakfast and felt that God had sent the baby especially for him. He will be out of luck. China has a list of countries that are qualified to adopt unwanted babies, Romania is not on the list.

It’s strange but somehow when I think about Adrian Mutu and something being flushed down a toilet. I tend to think of his career and not an unfortunate baby.